Plasti-Dipped 4Runner Emblems

I wanted to change my emblems to blue in a non-destructive way and I did not want to buy new emblems either. I watched lots of YouTube videos on plastic-dipping emblems and then purchased Blaze Blue. Mask around the emblem leaving at least an inch perimeter and then apply MANY (6-7) light coats. Once dry the Plasti-Dip easily peels away breaking on its own at the edges of the emblem. Use a toothpick or tweezers to remove the Plasti-Dip inside of letters. These have withstood the southwest desert summer and pressure washing.

They are displayed below in Before & After order.

  • 4Runner emblems_03Jun2018_010
  • 4Runner emblems_02Jun2018_003
  • 4Runner emblems_03Jun2018_015
  • 4Runner emblems_02Jun2018_008
  • 4Runner emblems_03Jun2018_012
  • 4Runner emblems_02Jun2018_004
  • 4Runner emblems_03Jun2018_009
  • 4Runner emblems_02Jun2018_005
  • 4Runner emblems_03Jun2018_011
  • 4Runner emblems_02Jun2018_006
  • 4Runner emblems_03Jun2018_013
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