ARB Drawers and Fridge

I installed an ARB Roller Drawer (RD945) and Roller Drawer Roller Floor (RDRF945) into the back of my 2004 Gen 4 Toyota 4 Runner.

I also installed an ARB 37qt Fridge with transit bag.

ARB Fridge_25Jan2016_010

Drawer Installation

The two drawer units were bolted together. With the tops removed you have clear access to see the mounting holes. Prior to mounting I covered the two sides and the back with a gray twill foam backed headliner material to provide a finished surface.

I placed the drawer unit in the cargo area and aligned the front edge with the edge of the bottom opening hatch trim. I cut off the extra front trim from the drawer units. I then closed the rear hatch to make sure the drawers don't interfere with closing.

I pulled up the carpet and padding in the cargo area. Placed the cargo bottom plastic trim in place to realign the drawers to mark mounting holes. Working from both the top and underneath I determined to locations to drill the holes without obstructions underneath.  Once the holes were drilled in the metal I put the padding and carpet back. Once the holes were made in the carpet I pushed pencils in the holes to mark their location. The drawer units were placed in the back, holes aligned, and bolted into place. The provided shims even the base with the cargo floor.

Drawers & Fridge Installed

The drawer on the driver's side is the Roller Drawer RD945 with a fixed top. The drawer on the passenger side is the roller drawer roller floor RDRF945. The drawer pulls out but the top also pulls out to provide access to the fridge.

Normally the drawers and roller top all lock into a pulled out position. Unfortunately the drawers have plastic stops and catches with a tab that easily gets broken off so they don't lock into place. If you are parked on a hill with the vehicles front facing downward the drawers will have a tendency to close. ARB is aware of this defect but thus far has not redesigned the stop to be more durable.

The drawer dimensions are:

 Exterior of Both 19.88" x 37.20" x 11.02"

Interior of Both:

bottom width 17-1/8", upper lip width 16-1/8", bottom Length 33-1/4", upper lip length 31-7/8"

The interior depth has a frame lip on each side that is 6-7/8" from the bottom.

RD Interior Depth Max for Clearance 8-1/2"

RF Interior Depth Max for Clearance 7-7/8"

Fridge Tie-Downs and Power

I bolted the ARB fridge tie-down mounts to the top of the roller top. These tie downs are easy to loosen to remove the fridge when more cargo space is needed.

Both the DC and AC cords were wrapped together in a corrugated wire wrap that helps keep them out of the way and protect them from damage.

The ARB DC Engel type screw in plug is installed in the storage compartment above the passenger wheel well. A notch was cut in the lid for the cord to pass. The plug is connected to the second battery.

An insulated ARB fridge jacket protects and insulates the fridge. An extra fridge fuse is stored in the cover side pouch as a backup.

Welded Barrier

I welded a cargo barrier for the fridge using 1/2" square and a panel from an old dog kennel I had. The barrier is mounted to the drawer with the fixed top and cantilevered over closer to the fridge to increase cargo area space. The barrier was painted with Rustoleum Hammered Blue spray paint. The allen wrench screw in fasteners allow the barrier to be removed when more cargo space is needed.

The barrier allows you to pull out the fridge without your cargo falling into it place. It also maintains an air barrier for ventilation of the fridge compressor motor.

Shore power Port

I added a NOCO GCP1 AC Port with extension cord to the passenger side rear to provide shore AC power for the the fridge. The refrigerator is always plugged in inside the vehicle and will run via AC when an extension cord powers the port.

Fridge Mods

I sewed a flip down shade for the front of the fridge. It is made from the silver bubble window insulating roll material covered with silver ironing board cloth for reflectivity. This protects the fridge from sunlight entering the back windows and when the hatch is open.

I made a drop-down shelf from a wire shelf rack and straps. This allows you to place items taken out of the fridge while digging through it or for a quick drink and lunch. (Note: This has now been replaced by the ARB drawer shelf discussed below and my 2 person utensil set is hanging from the handle now.)

Drawer Table

I installed an ARB stainless steel drawer table ARB RDTAB1355 on to the left roller drawer. When I purchased this it wasn't even on the ARB USA website and  the ARM reps at Overland Expo West 2018 didn't seem to know about it. I purchased online from Quadratec. The table pulls out independently from the drawer but to access the drawer it has to be pulled out. This can now be used to hold items while rummaging through the fridge or for a quick lunch table. I hung my two person utensil and cutting board kit, I made previously, from the fridge handle since I was now able to remove my fold down shelf.

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