I installed an ARB Awning 2500 onto the factory roof rack of my 2004 Gen 4 Toyota 4 Runner. It is  a manual roll-up version that opens to 2500 x 2500 mm ( 8 ft x 8 ft).

  • 4Runner ARB awning_15Jun2015_016
  • 4Runner ARB awning_12Jul2015_028

I made custom mounting brackets from large L brackets cut down and new holes drilled in the awning side. The are mounted to the factory side rail.

  • 4Runner ARB awning_24Jul2015_030
  • 4Runner ARB awning_24Jul2015_029

Installed awning opened up and in use.

  • 4Runner ARB awning_12Jun2015_014
  • 4Runner ARB awning_12Jun2015_008
  • 4Runner ARB awning_07Jun2015_006
  • 4Runner ARB awning_07Jun2015_005
  • 4Runner ARB awning_07Jun2015_004
  • 4Runner ARB awning_07Jun2015_003
  • Ruby Road, Santa Cruz Co., Arizona

RGBWW Waterproof LED Lights

I installed Superbright RGBWW (warm white) waterproof LED strips along the lower metal edge of the awning bracket. The lights can operate as white only, RGB only or RGBWW  modes.They are also also dimmable. In the RGB mode you can select a single color from the controller or cycle through colors and even crazy flashing or cycling modes.

The reason I opted for RGBWW rather than just warm white, was to have the ability to select a nice amber, orange or red color at night to have light but not be too bright. to interfere with night vision.

  • 4Runner ARB awning_12Jul2015_020
  • 4Runner ARB awning_12Jul2015_021
  • 4Runner ARB awning_12Jul2015_023
  • 4Runner ARB awning_12Jul2015_024

Remote Control

I sealed the remote in plastic to keep it clean. I glue magnets, with protective felt pads to the bottom of the IR sensor. This allows it to attach the the side of the vehicle when in use. The remote also has magnets. The light have a detachable cord and plug that connect to the extra 12V DC port I installed in the rear cargo area. This is powered off the second battery.

  • 4Runner ARB awning_12Jul2015_022
  • 4Runner ARB awning_12Jul2015_019
  • 4Runner ARB awning_12Jul2015_018
  • 4Runner ARB awning_12Jul2015_017

ARB Awning RGBWW Light Mod Video

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