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Sceptre MWCs (Military Water Cans)

Sceptre MWCs are high quality military spec water plastic water cans. They are made in Canada but Lexington Container Company is the exclusive US manufacturer for Sceptre.  These are heavy duty thick BPA free plastic designed to take a beating and never leak. Don't confuse this can with the cheaper thin walled water containers also by Sceptre sold for civilian use..The MWCs  come in 20L (5.28 gallon) or 10L (2.64 gallon containers).  The smaller 10L container is lighter weight and easier to handle pouring when full. It is the perfect size to keep in vehicles for emergency water.In the US the best places to purchase are NRS (National River Supply) or Lexington Container company.  I highly recommend getting the wrench from Lexington Container since it has slots for all three cap sizes. You really want to use the wrench to tighten the lids to avoid any leaks. The wrench also makes it easy to open the containers. The large opening is for filling, the medium opening is for pouring, and the small cap is the vent you open up during pouring through the medium opening or when using the dispensing nozzle you can also purchase. In the pictures below the nozzle is on the small can in front. It has a blue plastic valve similar to what you would  find on a water cooler.

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Modification with  Hand Pump Faucet

I have an off road trailer that uses a Valterra RP800 Rocket hand pump faucet on its 19 gallon water tank. This faucet has been very reliable, quick to prime and has been a camping game changer. These are the type of manual faucets used in some trailers, RVS, and sailboats. You lock the handle back when not in use to lock prime.  (Note: If for some reason the pump does have difficulty priming pour water down the outlet, you can loosen the black nut and pour it in from there to fill it then reattach the faucet and it will work like a charm. Valterra also sells a replacement pump piston if it ever fails.) This is the faucet AT Overland includes with their trailer water tanks.

Thinking it would be easy to add one to an extra Sceptre lid I found out online others have done this as well. I really like the Valterra rocket pump on the trailer and knowing it would fit, I ordered one and an extra Sceptre lid. I used a utility knife to cut off the lid holder strap and the medium outlet and vent flush with the lid. I hand tightened the modified lid on the container to see how it lined up to line up the faucet. I placed the template on the lid aligning so 1) when the lid was hand tightened the faucet would be in the correct forward direction with the lever on the right (all cans consistently thread to the same position), and 2) to the two mounting screws would be inside the inner cap and not interfere with threading on the MWC. I marked the location of the large opening for the pump and the two mounting holes. I drilled the pump hole using a 2" diameter hole saw and predrilled the mounting holes with a 1/8 drill bit to provide a start for the stainless screws that came with the pump. Once the faucet was mounted and tested, I removed it to add a bead of 100% silicon around the bottom edge to seal for dust/dirt intrusion then reattached and let it dry overnight. I used food grade silicon 3/8 inch ID tubing cut to reach the bottom of the can, taking account the natural bend in the tubing so it fully reached the bottom.

In the video demo below the can only had about 3 inches of water and it only took two full pumps to fully prime the faucet.

  • sceptre water cans_15Sep2018_010
  • sceptre water cans_15Sep2018_020
  • sceptre water cans_15Sep2018_018

Demonstration of Hand Pump

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