Toilet / Shower Tent Reviews

I have owned & tried four Toilet / Shower tents and frequently use two of the models. I will update this section to include reviews  & photos. I have a Quick Pitch Ensuite vehicle mounted model and tried three freestanding models . In order of preference for the freestanding models they are King Camp, CVT, Nemo Heliopolis.

Quick Pitch Ensuite Vehicle Mounted Privacy  Tent

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Additional Quick Pitch Info & mounting is also HERE

King Camp

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Nemo Heliopolis Toilet/Shower PrivacyTent

I use the Wizard of poo in the Quick Pitch En-Suite Curtain installed on my vehicle or with a Nemo Heliopolis Privacy Curtain. The Nemo Heliopolis is a very sturdy privacy tent with a large 4 ft square floor. I love the outhouse crescent moon above the door and the Nemo logo on each side has a printed woodgrain to give a stylized outhouse look. The Nemo tent is extremely sturdy when erected, the poles are steel, but it does take a little more time to erect the first try as handling the poles is not a easy or simple as most tents using flexible poles. I most likely always use the quick en-suite on my vehicle for showers with the Nemo Helios shower but could also use this tent as it if made for the Helios. (Which means there is not a center hanger for a hanging type shower bag.) For quick overnight trips with limited time to set up camp I will also use the Quick Pitch En-suite rather than the Nemo Heliopolis for the Wizard of Poo.

Per Nemo, the only difference between the 2017 & 2018 Heliopolis is the 2018 is ~ 0.5 higher and it does NOT come with tie down rope. I added my own reflective neon green tie downs to mine.

  • Wrappon Green_15Aug2018_002
  • Wrappon Green_15Aug2018_006
  • Wrappon Green_15Aug2018_008
  • Wrappon Green_15Aug2018_004
  • Wrappon Green_15Aug2018_010
  • Brushy Basin, Yavapai Co.Arizona USA
  • Brushy Basin, Yavapai Co.Arizona USA
  • 20180901_085958
  • Poo Protector: Pixelated jaypeg, spinone italiano. Yeager Canyon, Coconino Co. Arizona USA
  • DSC01498
  • Wizard of Poo. Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Apache Co. Arizona USA
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