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Propane Tanks

I purchased two Manchester 11lb half height propane tanks to go on each side of the trailer. I painted the top handle area Rustoleum Sail Blue. I sewed two blue ripstop nylon bags with a cord lock drawstring secured to the tank. These are to protect the valves from dust, dirt and mud.

The bottom of each tank has a rubber tank tire installed. This will reduce vibration and noise. A large trimmed rubber stopper is used under the back lip of the tank and bolted to the trailer chassis. This serves to prevent the base from slipping out of position.

I also purchased two 4B's Bracket Bu Th-112 Tank Holder (344-TH-112) to mount the tanks to the trailer after a slight modification to the bracket mount.

Painted Propane Tank Top and Valve Cover

  • Propane tank_17Sep2017_001
  • Propane tank_17Sep2017_003
  • Propane tank_17Sep2017_002
  • Propane tank_17Sep2017_004

Propane Tank Bracket Modification

  • TH-112 bracket after and before modification
  • TH-112 bracket after and before modification Detail
  • Propan bracket modified and painted

Removable Sink

I purchased the optional removable sink for the trailer from AT Overland. The sink and drain hose gets stored in the nose box.  I attached the sink stopper with a stainless steel chain. I put the drain hose in a collapsible bucket that can be dumped away from camp when full.

I installed a Rigid Industries A series light on a 30 degree mount to light the sink area for doing dishes. I attached an aluminum rail to the side of the nose box for a removable shelf. The shelf is made of maple.

I replaced the  bottom drain plug with a lever valve,  To protect the valve from rocks I mounted a steel plate in front of it. I put an edge guard to protect hands from the metal edge.

  • Sink
  • Chained Sink Stopper
  • Right Nosebox Propane Tank, Sink & Shelf Mount Rail
  • Nosebox Shelf Storage
  • Rigid Industries A Series Sink Light
  • Nosebox Side Shelf Showing Support
  • Nosebox Side Shelf Showing Support
  • Nosebox Side Shelf
  • Rock Protector for Water Drain Valve
  • Rock Protector for Water Drain Valve

Water Tank and Extra Water Containers

The on board water tank on the trailer holds 19 gallons of potable water. There is a manual galley style faucet (Valterra RP800 Chrome Rocket Hand Pump) installed on the kitchen side.

To provide extra water as well as container that can be used for filling up the larger tank I added two Dinuba stainless steel 5 gallon jerry cans for potable water.

Dinuba 5 gallon Stainless Steel Jerry Can

  • KVQX3627
  • IMG_9240

Kitchen Accessories

I took a stainless steel paper towel holder and bolted 4 high strength magnets to the back so it could be attached to exterior of the trailer when used. The magnets were covered with a thin felt to prevent scratching. I used cap nuts on the paper towel side to give it a smooth finish. I sewed a blue rip stop nylon bag. When in use the bag can be pushed back or an be left open covering the towels so the wind does not unravel them. For storage the bag can be cinched up with the cord and toggle to keep the paper towels clean.

Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

  • IMG_9235
  • IMG_9201
  • IMG_9237
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