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Rear Side Windows

Side Insulating Panels

I've had my rear cargo area windows covered in just the silver bubble sun shield. I decided to also take advantage of the recessed window space for storage and make a nicer window cover.

To start I removed the interior panel. I then cut a piece of the silver bubble sun shield and foam backed headliner material a tiny bit larger than the full window size as defined by the metal frame. I used spray adhesive to attache the sun shield to the headliner. I placed it over the window and used a flat trim tool to push the cover under the metal frame. I had previously had the windows tinted when I bought the 4Runner.

Rear Window Molle Rack and Bags

I used an old panel from an old metal dog crate to cut the wire grid to fit the window. Where I had single cut wires I welded pieces on to connect them. On thee backside I also welded a 1/4 inch solid square along the top and bottom. This creates a space between the window cover and the grid. The square is also where the attachment straps are welded. I cut strips of 16 gauge metal and bent one end to match the curve on the frame where it will be screwed in. After the grid was welded I determined the location of the straps and welded those on. It is attached using sheet metal screws and after predrilling holes.

I spray painted the grid Rustoleum Sail Blue to match the fridge barrier and fold down shelf and that is the same color I used for accent on my off road trailer.
For this side I attached two drop bags and a fold out bag that had built in Molle straps. The other side will have the same drop bag and a large bag to hold the air hose for my compressor.

This quick mod keeps the cargo area shaded, provides a barrier to protect the window from cargo, and provides extra storage in the recessed window well.

Center Console Side Molle Rack and Storage Bags

I wanted storage on both sides of the center console to hold a water bottle and binoculars or other items. Again I took a panel from a dog kennel and cut  the rack and made stand offs. I attached molle rack to the side of the center console using rivet nuts so it can be easily removed when the console needs to come out. The rivet nuts are in the panel under the exterior piece,  except the two top holes toward the front have the rivnuts in the exterior panel because there was not a panel behind it. When I drilled the top front hole in each rack I thought I had clearance for the rivet nut but there would have been interference with the panel clip so I had to move the hole down. Once the molle bags are in place you don't see the extra hole in the metal rack.The water bottle bag is from One Tigris and the pouch is from Condor.

  • 4 Runner Center Console Molle Rack
  • 4 Runner Center Console Molle Rack
  • 4 Runner Center Console Molle Rack
  • 4 Runner Center Console Molle Rack
  • 4 Runner Center Console Molle Rack
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