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I was looking for a portable camping toilet but not having an RV, or even pickup truck, and needing trans-portability, I was turned off and a little disgusted by portable toilets that required the dumping and washing out of containers. Dispersed camping in the desert also requires transporting all water and I didn't want to waste water resources on a portable toilet that required a water flush.

I investigated the Wrappon Green toilet on the internet and saw an in person demo at Overland West. I also talked with Mario of AT Overland as he has an older trekker model in his truck. Months went by, a couple of camping trips, and I finally decided to purchase a Wrappon Green portable toilet for camping. I am so happy with my purchase.

Details: Wrappon Green toilet, US distributor is SE Technologies in Colorado. developed by Nihon Safety Co. LTD, Wrappon Division, Tokyo Japan.

I named my Wrappon Green "The Wizard of Poo" and used my Cricut vinyl cutting machine to decorate it and its accessories. I took a Plano plastic ammo box and painted it to complement the toilet. This box is the accessory kit that holds, toilet paper, wet wipes,  and coagulant powder packs.

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The toilet comes with cute Japanese style instructions. I imported the PDF in to Adobe Illustrator and modified a version specific for my Wizard of Poo needs. I printed the instructions front and back and laminated them to keep with the toilet to educate and entertain new users who might go camping with us.

Power Connection

The toilet only comes with an AC power supply (Output: 12V, 10A brick). The unit runs off of 12V so integrating into any 12V system is straightforward. Unfortunately they decided to use a proprietary wiring configuration so building your own DC or battery cable will require customizing connectors. SETechnologies sells both a 30 ft DC cable and a shorter cable to direct connect to a battery cable. Both come with a switch and if you make your own cable add a switch to power off when not in use. The connection to the toilet is via a 4 Pin male DIN plug. However, this positive 12V pins are different than most US 4PIN DIN configurations. The diagram below shows the wiring diagram of the 4 PIN male DIN plug and the inline power switch if you want to make your own cable.

  • wrappon cable diagram

Battery Power (Poo Power)

I had a Moultrie Game camera waterproof battery box that I was no longer using. I sanded off the Moultrie logo on the top handle and painted it green to match and made vinyl labels for it to create the Poo Power battery pack. To make this pack flexible for other applications, I made Delco Weatherpack connectors and cables to connect the Toilet cable to the battery but also directly to a battery if needed. I also made a female DC outlet connector so the battery could also be used to  power a DC Coleman air pump to inflate an air mattress inside of a tent. The battery is a Duracell 9Ah battery. I also have the 30 ft Wrappon Green DC cable but the battery allows the toilet and privacy tent to be away from the vehicle.

Nemo Heliopolis Toilet/Shower PrivacyTent

I use the Wizard of poo in the Quick Pitch En-Suite Curtain installed on my vehicle or with a Nemo Heliopolis Privacy Curtain. The Nemo Heliopolis is a very sturdy privacy tent with a large 4 ft square floor. I love the outhouse crescent moon above the door and the Nemo logo on each side has a printed woodgrain to give a stylized outhouse look. The Nemo tent is extremely sturdy when erected, the poles are steel, but it does take a little more time to erect the first try as handling the poles is not a easy or simple as most tents using flexible poles. I most likely always use the quick en-suite on my vehicle for showers with the Nemo Helios shower but could also use this tent as it if made for the Helios. (Which means there is not a center hanger for a hanging type shower bag.)

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Wrappon Green Pros & Cons



No Mess or potential for spills

No Smell

No Dumping & Cleaning

No Water required - Perfect for desert camping where all water must be packed in.

Entertaining instructions

Wins non-believers over once they use it.



Cost per Poop - although this is far outweighed by the above

Only comes with AC adapter - Have to purchase DC or Battery connector separately and they are ridiculously expensive for what they are. The LION battery option is even more ridiculously priced so get a case and a small SLA battery like I did.

The connection pin wiring is proprietary so you have to make a custom connector to build your own cable.

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