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  • Margy Green. Suizo Mountains, Pinal Co., Arizona USA
  • Margy Green. Epupa, Kunene Namibia
  • Margy Green. Narupa, Napo Ecuador
  • In front of the macro rig of Margy Green

Optical Engineer

Margy Green is a biologist, an optical design, optical analysis and optical systems engineer, and a photographer. She received a B.S. in Biology from Wofford College and a B.S. in Optical Engineering and M.S. in Optical Sciences from The College of Optical Sciences at The University of Arizona. If Canon didn't already make such great lenses, she could design her own. She has studied parasitology at Vanderbilt University and entomology at The University of Arizona, both at the graduate level. Prior to changing careers and her primary employment in optical engineering, Margy worked in various aspects of biology from field ecology, microbiology and immunology to physiology.

Realizing most people don't appreciate insects, she hopes to educate others on their beauty and complexity using her insect photography as the vehicle of attitude change. Hopefully that will mean one less insect squashed simply for being a “bug”.

Margy's primary photographic subject is wildlife to stay in touch with the biologist inside, but she photographs a variety of subjects including macro, sports, landscape, event and portraits.

Margy is also available as a Naturalist/Photography Guide for custom and private world wide expeditions.

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I strongly encourage the educational use of images to spread knowledge and inform.

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Selected non-profit use may also be free of charge provided prior permission is obtained and the Guidelines for Educational and Commercial Use are addressed.

IV. Commissioning Custom Photography Projects

I am available to be commissioned for custom photography projects. For the presented subjects I probably have photos covering additional angles and compositions. Inquire about images that may not be presented.

V. Copyright Infringement

I have refrained from watermarking my images to avoid the distraction while viewing the photos. However, the act of infringing on a copyright is a very serious business and is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. Please contact me prior to image use to obtain permission.

Contact Information

Margy Green


Tucson, Arizona USA

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