Cameroon Africa 2015
"Some people travel for pleasure, and sometimes find adventure; others travel for adventure, and sometimes find pleasure. The best part of adventure travel, it seems to me, is thinking about it. A journey to a remote place is exciting to look forward to, certainly rewarding to look back upon, but not always pleasureable to live minute by minute. Reality has a tendacy to be so uncomfortably real."

from Neil Peart's The Masked Rider: Cycling in West Africa

The galleries below contain the Cameroon pictures consolidated from their respective taxonomic galleries or other galleries if not an animal or plant. To view full captions, locations, and key wording click on image for full screen display that you can then step through. The photos can also be viewed in their respective taxonomic gallery on this website.

I have included the Garmin GPS track files and the Google Earth file I recorded during the trip. You will also find pdfs of the fauna and flora and the locations.

The map shows the location and you can zoom in and out. As you zoom in you will see markers containing the number of photos from that location. If you zoom in and click on the marker you can see the photos on the map.

This Page may take longer to load since it is making the map and pulling animal pictures from other galleries.

Photos by Location, click to see photos

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