Namibia Africa 2014

The 23 galleries below contain the Namibia pictures consolidated from their respective taxonomic galleries or other galleries if not an animal or plant. To view full captions, locations, and key wording click on image for full screen display that you can then step through. The photos can also be viewed in their respective taxonomic gallery on this website.

Below the galleries and to the left is a column of links or downloads. I have included the Garmin GPS track files and the Google Earth file I recorded during the trip. You will also find pdfs of the fauna and flora and the locations. The animal and plant lists are incomplete but do include everything I recorded as seeing, although I didn't start paying attention to birds until later in the trip.

The track log map and camp locations are shown below the galleries. Each green tent was a campsite.

Plots of the temperature and relative humidity recorded from the Hobo data logger are shown above the trip elevation profile so you can see the relationship between temperature, humidity, elevation, and location.

The last map is interactive showing the location of photos taken. You can zoom in and out.

This Page may take longer to load since it is making the map and is pulling animal pictures from other galleries.
File Download Links

Click links below to open up file download window.

Garmin GPS Tracks:

GPS Track Logs, Campsite Locations, Temperature, Humidty, and Elevation Figures Below:

GPS Track Log and Camp Sites 2 map
Namibia 2014 temp and elevation plots

Photos by Location, click to see photos


Diagram of how Namibia mammal pictures are grouped

Namibia Mammal Taxonomic Tree numbers
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